Gingerbread carp have finally spawned

After weeks of speculation as to whether the carp in Gingerbread Lake had spawned, the fish went into a major spawning frenzy at the end of the week with groups of carp spawning all around the lake. This activity did not stop the lake’s largest resident Moonscale being caught by a new member weighing over 42lbs. Adam Fye has recently caught both a 30lb common and a 30lb mirror during the week. Simon Lashmore caught several of the lake’s good-sized bream including a p.b. weighing 8lbs. Several carp anglers found tench to be more interested in taking their boilies as well as several of the recently stocked carp averaging around 11-12lbs.

Ryan ‘Trigger’ Atkins fished at Swan Lake where he went on to catch one of the big JAS common’s weighing 32lb 2oz. Alan Wilkie had a comical experience when he returned to his swim following a reconnoitre to find a young mink peeking at him out of his tackle bag munching one of his ham sandwiches. The beastie refused to leave until Alan turned his bag upside down to extricate it. However, it was not alone and Alan eventually ended up with five more in his landing net before they finally scarpered!

Josh Swift caught an 18lb 2oz mirror carp fishing at McGregor Lake and later in the week Paul Wixcey caught a 20lb 2oz mirror on floaters, a tactic seldom used at the lake by other anglers. Mick Usher had an enjoyable session at the lake when he caught 8 carp to 14lbs and 5 good-sized bream.

It was Mick Usher again who decided to try for another species this time targeting tench at Grace Lake. In a day session, he caught 6 tench to 5lb 8oz. He returned for another day but could only catch a bream around 5lbs on this visit.