New season brings its early rewards

Fraser Hayden pre-baited a BHAA controlled stretch of the River Ouse with Vitalin and trout pellets returning later in the week only to see the river carrying an extra foot of flood water. He feeder fished on the inside of a bend using 8mm hair-rigged pellets taking 6 bream totalling around 30lbs. However, he thought that carp may he holding up in the location too so baited with about 20 or so 15mm Source boilies on arrival then crept back later in the afternoon dropping a bait close to the near bank. After only 10 minutes, a pristine 13lb 7oz common carp was nestling in his landing net after a fantastic scrap.

Jamie Boness has been enjoying a great time fishing at Swan Lake and his success has continued with some more great catches including mirror carp weighing 26lb 3oz and 28lb 1oz and a beautiful common of 15lb 6oz.

Floater fishing at Gingerbread Lake has proved to be one of the best methods of catching carp of all sizes. Mike Broom confirmed this recently by catching a 33lb common carp and following this capture up with another common weighing 17lbs, both caught on floating baits. Kevin Barrable caught a 30lb common during a recent visit and returned for another session catching a 28lb mirror carp. Day angler John Murphy was pleased to land his first carp of the year weighing around 17lbs along with some bream. He returned two days later to catch another carp of 15lbs but later in the day caught an unusual 23lb mirror carp that was black backed with whitish sides. Trevor Odell caught two of the recently stocked carp during a recent visit too. Fish spotters have observed a large mirror carp bearing a white mark on its back that no one seems to recognise being seen swimming alongside the lake’s biggest resident, Moonscale.

Richard Fosker has won the monthly photo competition for May with a stunning picture of his fully-scaled mirror from Swan Lake and receives a cash prize.