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Like peas in a pod!

Luke Hipgrave is the latest member to catch a big carp from McGregor Lake. He caught a super looking mirror weighing 22lbs where more and more 20s are being caught. A member fished luncheon meat in the margins and had a surprise catch in the form of a 2lb 8oz eel.

Records continue to tumble

After last week’s record breaker from McGregor Lake, it was Swan Lake’s turn to grab the headlines. Lake regular Roy Keeble caught two big mirror carp with the fish weighing 35lb 11oz and 24lb 1oz. The larger of the two is probably a new lake record.

Another lake record broken

Whilst most of the attention has been focused on Gingerbread and Swan Lakes in recent weeks a member has reportedly broken the lake record for McGregor Lake with the capture of a 27lb mirror carp. Work is shortly to commence on the creation of weed rafting to provide sanctuaries for fish from predatory cormorants. The lake will remain open whilst this work is ongoing but a couple of swims may need to be closed.