Another lake record broken

Whilst most of the attention has been focused on Gingerbread and Swan Lakes in recent weeks a member has reportedly broken the lake record for McGregor Lake with the capture of a 27lb mirror carp. Work is shortly to commence on the creation of weed rafting to provide sanctuaries for fish from predatory cormorants. The lake will remain open whilst this work is ongoing but a couple of swims may need to be closed.

Carp at Gingerbread Lake have had a second major spawning session with groups of fish seen thrashing about in the margins of the factory bay. However, there were still carp being caught with Martin Brinn catching fish weighing 23lb and 17lb together with a couple of big bream. Martin was fishing over a known bloodworm bed where the water was fizzing with feeding activity. Earlier in the week, Kevin Barrable tempted carp of 24lb and 14lb on floaters fishing behind the wind in the factory bay. The lake’s big bream have been actively feeding throughout the day with John Murphy catching nine fish weighing to over 9lbs plus a couple of good-sized tench fishing on legered boilies. Later in the week, he returned to catch another two bream and one tench. Float enthusiast Dave Holland enjoyed similar success but using pellets as bait catching several large bream, tench and some good-sized roach. Leon Bagenal has got off to a cracking start on the lake catching three mirror carp weighing 30lb 6oz, 21lb and 8lb plus a big tench of 7lb 11oz.

Members should be aware that Gingerbread Lake is presently experiencing an algae bloom some of which is the blue/green variety which is potentially harmful to humans and animals if ingested. Although the bloom is not affecting the fish at present, any signs of fish distress should be reported to the Environment Agency directly on their emergency telephone number 0800 807060.

The otter fencing around Gingerbread Lake is in the final stage of completion but members are asked to be patient with the contractors as they try to finish the job.

The next working party will be held at Sandy Lakes on 3rd and 4th of September which will involve minor work on the otter fence around Swan Lake and the removal of a couple of platform swims on McGregor Lake where water action has eroded soil behind the platforms.