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Mad for it!

Please note that it will be necessary to close Gingerbread Lake to fishing from 10am on Tuesday the 30th of August until 5pm on Wednesday the 31st to enable cementing below the otter gates to take place.

More great catches made during the week

Lee Edmans has been enjoying some terrific sport at Gingerbread Lake using Denham Baits’ boilies. During the week he caught 4 tench, the best weighing 8lb 2oz, and two 20lb+ carp, a 27lb 14oz common and a 25lb 2oz mirror. Trevor Odell fished a 48 hour session catching 5 carp including a 16lb common and mirrors weighing 25lb 10oz and 21lb 8oz on bottom baits whilst during the daytime he caught two carp weighing 20lb 2oz and 21lb 6oz on floaters. Anthony Pogmore managed to catch an 11lb 7oz common carp during the week too.

Huge haul from McGregor Lake

David Grant fished at McGregor Lake for two consecutive days where he amassed a huge catch of the lake’s carp getting through 3.5k of Mad Baits’ boilies in the process. Keeping his swim topped up with bait after each catch, he caught 20 carp during the course of his first day’s fishing with the best weighing 18lb 8oz, a mirror. On day two, the sport continued with him catching another 13 carp with best fish on the day being a 21lb mirror carp. All of the carp caught were mirrors except for three commons.

New record set for Grace Lake

Richard Hurst decided to try for tench at Grace Lake where weed is really dense in places. He was unlucky to lose two big tench in the weed but more than made up for his disappointment with the capture of a big 3lb crucian carp, a new lake record beating his personal best for crucians by a mile. He was fishing alone so the fished was photographed against his 20” landing net.