More great catches made during the week

Martin Barnatt paid his first visit of the year to BHAA’s stretch of the River Ivel at Tempsford. Using free lined natural baits, he went on to catch three super-sized chub weighing 5lb 2oz, 5lb 15oz and 6lb 2oz.

Lee Edmans has been enjoying some terrific sport at Gingerbread Lake using Denham Baits’ boilies. During the week he caught 4 tench, the best weighing 8lb 2oz, and two 20lb+ carp, a 27lb 14oz common and a 25lb 2oz mirror. Trevor Odell fished a 48 hour session catching 5 carp including a 16lb common and mirrors weighing 25lb 10oz and 21lb 8oz on bottom baits whilst during the daytime he caught two carp weighing 20lb 2oz and 21lb 6oz on floaters. Anthony Pogmore managed to catch an 11lb 7oz common carp during the week too.

Anthony Pogmore switched his attention to Swan Lake later in the week and decided to fish at range using Denham Baits boilies fished snowman style. A single run well into the late morning produced a hard-fighting and mint conditioned 20lb 4oz common carp. Lee Edmans reported catching a 17lb 7oz mirror carp from the same venue.