New record set for Grace Lake

Richard Hurst decided to try for tench at Grace Lake where weed is really dense in places. He was unlucky to lose two big tench in the weed but more than made up for his disappointment with the capture of a big 3lb crucian carp, a new lake record beating his personal best for crucians by a mile. He was fishing alone so the fished was photographed against his 20” landing net.

Daytime carp fishing at McGregor Lake has got a lot harder of late with fish reluctant to feed in bright light. However, one member decided to fish close to an overhanging bush and went on to catch nine carp during a day up to 22lbs despite losing more fish beneath the bush. He returned to the lake another day to catch three more carp to low doubles by fishing tight to the island.

Although the algae bloom at Gingerbread Lake has passed, many of the lake’s big carp have sought the shelter of the weed beds that cover much of the lake. In the main, it has been the recently Vs carp that have featured in catches with fish to low doubles. Reports have been received of a monster 13lb 8oz tench being caught but no details of the captor are to hand.