Big carp continue to feed at Swan Lake

MAD Baits’ enthusiast David Grant fished a three-day session at Swan Lake catching three more cracking carp, a 28lb 1oz mirror carp (his second 28 pounder in two visits), a 19lb 11oz mirror and a 27lb mirror. Another member caught a 24lb common carp and a 25lb mirror during a daytime session and other anglers accounted for more fish catches.

Alan Wilkie returned to McGregor Lake for another day session where this time he landed carp weighing 9lbs, 11lbs, 13lbs and 14lbs despite losing another to a hook pull.

Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore turned up at Gingerbread Lake for a short daytime session and was surprised to find the lake fairly devoid of fellow anglers. He baited up in the region of some weed beds and cast snowman rigs of Denham Baits boilies amongst the free offerings. After about two hours, he had a run and was able to wind in the fish together with plenty of weed. The fish turned out to be a chunky 24lb 8oz common carp. He recast and within an hour or so had another good run but this time the culprit turned out to be a good-sized tench over 6lbs.

The cementing under the gates at Gingerbread Lake has now been done to a satisfactory standard so that vehicles should no longer bottom on it. Apologies to any member whose vehicle may have scraped it previously.