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What a difference a week makes!

Robert Livock fished a day session at McGregor Lake but had to wait until late afternoon before getting any action. A positive run produced a muscular 12lb 8oz mirror for him. Incidentally, his capture from the lake the previous week was a 19lb 12oz mirror and not a 129lb mirror!

What a difference a week makes!

David Grant fished a 72-hour session at Swan Lake where he caught another known mirror carp, the Parrot, weighing 31lb 1oz using MAD baits’ boilies. The fish was caught at 10pm and was his first 30 from the lake in his first season on the lake and adds to a string of big carp he has caught from this difficult venue.

High pressure does little to improve sport

Despite a relatively mild week, the presence of high pressure has made fish less inclined to feed resulting in a lot of empty nets. Kevin Bacon attested to this state of affairs and, on his first night’s fishing at Gingerbread Lake, he only had a 14lb common carp to show for his efforts. However, he persevered and later in the week went on to catch a 28lb 12oz mirror carp.

The Element strikes again!

Alan Wilkie visited Swan Lake on three days during the week and each time he was able to bank one of the lake’s carp. His first fish was a good-sized mirror which he could not weigh as he had left his scales at home but, on his second trip, he caught an almost identical fish that weighed 19lbs. The best was yet to come as, on his third visit, he went on to catch a 22lb 10oz mirror carp.