The Element strikes again!

Dean Flattley has great faith in Denham Baits’ The Element boilies and with good reason as it has accounted for a number of big carp for him. This week he was ecstatic to catch one of Gingerbread Lake’s sought after residents, the big linear, weighing in at 36lb 7oz even after months of spawning activity. Members have reported that many of the lake’s carp are down in weight as a result of multiple spawning episodes but should start to replace the lost weight throughout the autumn and winter months. Bailiff Derek Orchard caught a 21lb 4oz mirror during a short daytime session together with a huge ball of weed that the fish picked up on its way to the net.

Alan Wilkie visited Swan Lake on three days during the week and each time he was able to bank one of the lake’s carp. His first fish was a good-sized mirror which he could not weigh as he had left his scales at home but, on his second trip, he caught an almost identical fish that weighed 19lbs. The best was yet to come as, on his third visit, he went on to catch a 22lb 10oz mirror carp.

A large keepnet was found at Swan Lake inadvertently left to dry out but then forgotten. If the owner would like to get his property back, please get in touch with the membership secretary on 01767 223147.