What a difference a week makes!

After last week’s dismal showing, there were some big carp caught at all three of BHAA’s specimen venues. Gordon West opted to fish into a cool breeze at Gingerbread Lake targeting some weed beds within a short cast from his swim. Late in the afternoon, he had a solitary run and he soon realised he had connected with a good fish. He carefully guided it to his net and was elated to find it was the mirror carp known as Moonscale weighing 41lb 2oz, a UK personal best. Rod Underwood fished overnight catching a 33lb mirror carp but was unlucky to lose another weighty fish.

David Grant fished a 72-hour session at Swan Lake where he caught another known mirror carp, the Parrot, weighing 31lb 1oz using MAD baits’ boilies. The fish was caught at 10pm and was his first 30 from the lake in his first season on the lake and adds to a string of big carp he has caught from this difficult venue.

Robert Livock took advantage of some milder conditions and opted for a day session at McGregor Lake. It was well into the afternoon before he had a run but then hooked a carp that put up a monumental fight. After several minutes, the fish was netted and it turned out to be a 129lb 12oz mirror, a personal best from the lake for him. Later in the week, Anthony Pogmore experienced another hectic fight but his fish turned out to be a 13lb 5oz mirror carp which fell to Denham Baits’ boilies.

River enthusiast Martin Barnatt fished a couple of times recently on the River Ivel trying to catch roach. Despite catching several modest sized fish, it was 5lb 2oz chub that made the trips worthwhile.

LAKE CLOSURE – Please note that Gingerbread Lake will be closed for one day on Wednesday, the 26th of October to allow modifications to the inner gate to be undertaken including some cementing of the base.

Finally, Clive Jones would like to thank the kind person who found his lure bag and left it hanging on a fence in Mill Lane, Tempsford on the Ivel. He was able to return to the stretch the following day to search for it and was over the moon to find it still there.