What a difference a week makes!

Craig Jones has found it difficult to get passed the smaller stock fish recently introduced into Gingerbread Lake but he finally managed to catch one of the lake’s big commons, a scale perfect 33lb 10oz specimen. The fish fell to a MAD Baits ‘Wicked White’ boilie.

Robert Livock fished a day session at McGregor Lake but had to wait until late afternoon before getting any action. A positive run produced a muscular 12lb 8oz mirror for him. Incidentally, his capture from the lake the previous week was a 19lb 12oz mirror and not a 129lb mirror! Anthony Pogmore decided to fish the lake too the following day and was pleased to get a good run mid-way through the morning. The fish turned out to be another hard fighting mirror carp weighing 15lb 10oz. The fish took two boilies hair rigged over a good bed of free offerings of Denham Baits fruit flavoured boilies. Later in the day, he had a second run which resulted in a linear mirror carp weighing 14lb 8oz. He had been joined by Robert Livock for the afternoon and he too managed to catch a 13lb 8oz mirror at the same time.

The local PAC branch will be holding its second meeting of the season at 7.30pm on the 9th of November at THE Wingfield Club, 37 Church Street, Ampthill, MK45 2PL when the guest speaker will be Stephen Harper. His talk will be a must for any pike angler in the area. For further details, call Val Tomlin on 07802 156196 or e-mail him at