A last hurrah!

Richard Fosker managed to get in a last session before he starts a new job and fished a two-night session at Gingerbread Lake. He hit the jackpot landing seven carp including a 29lb 12oz common carp. However, the colder weather has seen water temperatures plunging to around 44c putting most carp off the feed, albeit temporarily with no other catch reports received.

Bailiffs have again reported incidences of individuals using areas close to swims as toilets leaving their waste and used toilet paper clearly visible. Anglers intending to stay for extended periods at the lake must bring with them some form of toilet receptacle (eg bucket) and take their waste away with them when they leave. Apart from the dangers of disease, human waste increases the likelihood of rat infestation bringing with it the risk of Weill’s disease.

Members will soon see signs on all otter gates requiring them to be kept shut and/or locked at all times other than when entering or exiting fisheries. Anyone found leaving gates open will risk losing their membership as it is vitally important to protect our fish stocks from otter predation.