Fish in the fog and cold!

Robert Livock fished a day session at McGregor Lake at the beginning of the week where a single run produced a 13lb 8oz mirror carp for him. The next day saw dense fog but Anthony Pogmore decided to venture out and was desperately unlucky to lose a nice mirror when the hook pulled at the landing net. In the late afternoon, he had a second run and, after yet another hard fight, he was pleased to land a 16lb 1oz mirror. However, before he could weight the fish, his other buzzer sounded and he was playing a second fish. Luckily, his brother was on hand to net it for him, a pristine 13lb common carp. Robert Livock had returned for a second day at the lake and fished from the opposite of the lake from where he caught two more 13lb 8oz mirrors. Anthony Pogmore was back on the lake the following day when a single run at mid-day resulted in him catching his best fish of the week, an 18lb 1oz mirror carp. Later in the week, Richard Bartlett paid his first two visits to the lake fishing two short sessions. During this time, he caught 5 carp the best weighing 17lbs.

Congratulations to lee Edmans and Craig Jones who won our monthly photo competition for September and October.

Members will be pleased to learn that the otter fencing around Gingerbread Lake has finally been completed with the installation of a new inner entrance gate. A big thank you to the boys from Embryo who carried out this work.

Please can members using tea bags collect the used ones up as leaving them on the bank only encourages rats apart from looking unsightly.