Two 30s from Swan Lake

Nick ‘the Greek’ Page visited Swan Lake during the week and soon opened his tally with a 32lb mirror carp. Earlier in the week, another big carp was caught, this time a 34lb specimen but no more details are yet to hand. An angler had a three-carp haul but again no details of the captor or sizes of fish caught are available. Ken Smith caught a 15lb pike but it is a fish he has come to know well as he seems to catch it every time he visits the lake!

Robert Livock fished at McGregor Lake for carp twice during the week but his first visit only produced a 2lb bream. However, he returned a couple of days later to catch two mirrors, a 9lb 12oz fish and an 11lb 4oz fish. Both were caught using Crafty Catcher’s Retro boilies. Richard Bartlett caught two nice common carp, a 14 pounder and another fish just slightly smaller. Both fish fell to Waitrose frozen sweetcorn.