Bank holiday feeding frenzy

The Easter holiday break produced some stunning results at Gingerbread Lake with big carp being caught by several anglers including three sought after 40 pounders – the Clone weighing 42lb 4oz, Moonscale at 41lb 11oz and the elusive Brown mirror at 40lb 2oz. In addition, at least five other carp over 30lbs were landed up to 37lb 4oz. Craig Brooks landed two big commons including a 30lb personal best and another weighing 28lbs. He caught his two fish ledgering over a bed of Denham Baits’ boilies. Mick Usher fished two sessions at the lake, his first visit brought him a 13lb 4oz common followed by mirrors weighing 13lb 11oz, 22lb 3oz and 26lb 9oz. His second visit saw him move to the opposite end of the lake from where he did even better catching mirrors weighing 12lbs, 16lb 3oz, 22lb 6oz, 28lb 3oz, 30lb 12oz and 32lbs. Also, he banked four tench weighing between 5lb 10oz and 7lb 10oz.

The carp at Swan Lake have been generally hard to catch but what ones were caught were all over 20lbs. Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore fished a snowman rig over a bed of Denham Baits’ Kranberry and The Element boilies and had a single run at 12.30pm which resulted him landing a new PB from the lake, an immaculate 29lb 12oz mirror. Mick Broom and Alan Wilkie were on hand to help with the weighing and it was Mick Broom who went on to catch an even larger carp soon afterwards, a 30lb 8oz mirror. Jamie Boness also caught a 30lb carp from the lake later in the week. Robert Livock pike fished and caught the same 10lb 4oz fish he had caught the previous week from the same swim.

Martin Barnatt decided to try for tench and crucians at Grace Lake where he caught two tench around the 5lb mark but could not tempt any crucians into feeding but vowed to make a return visit to complete the job. Other anglers fishing reported sport from silver fish.

Tench 5.1 GL MB

Our bailiffs report that some inconsiderate members are still allowing their dogs to foul swims despite repeated requests for them to clear up their dog’s mess before they leave. If the culprits are caught, they can expect severe action to be taken against them. Also, members must not undertake any unofficial tree pruning without the prior approval of one of the bailiffs or a board member.