Swan Lake bream bonanza

Jim Bailey has been a BHAA club member for around 7 years but this week he hit the jackpot with bream at Swan Lake. He started off pole fishing but decided to switch to a feeder rod after losing a big fish despite having a top section designed for carp. He simply could not stop catching landing five double-figure bream weighing between 11lbs and 14lbs plus, at least, another 10 fish all around the 9-10lb mark. In all, Jim estimated he had caught in excess of 150lb of fish. His catch was even more remarkable as bream have been conspicuous by their absence in recent times.

Alan Grimsey fished into the teeth of a cold wind when most other anglers were seeking shelter on the lee side of Gingerbread Lake. He caught a 17lb carp and had only just returned it when his second rod registered a take. This time it turned out to be from a 35lb mirror carp which Alan was busy photographing when his third rod was away. The fish turned out to be a 39lb linear mirror carp. Mike Broom witnessed two anglers filling in the lake with boilies for nearly an hour but still decided to fish adopting an alternative approach reliant on quality rather than quantity of bait. At around 20.30 hours, he had a take which resulted in him landing a cracking 35lb mirror carp and the next day he added an 18lb carp for good measure.

Paul Elt decided to fish a single hi attract hook bait at Gingerbread Lake and half an hour later it was taken by a 25lb mirror carp

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