Double-figured tench caught

Big tench are often caught accidentally by carp anglers fishing at Gingerbread Lake but many fail to appreciate just what specimens they are catching. For example, a 13lb plus fish was reportedly caught this season but not reported. David Fassett was one angler to recognise the importance of his capture when he landed an 11lb tench this week.

Alan Bates was into his second night at Gingerbread Lake when he finally hooked into a fish but what a fish! It turned out to be the mirror carp known as ‘Moonscale’ weighing 40lb 2oz.

David Grant’s latest session at Swan Lake coincided with the heavy spell of rain that fell during the week but he fished through it to end up catching a 27lb 8oz mirror carp and was unlucky to lose another good fish. He reported that after the rain had stopped, carp could be seen on the surface across the lake possibility indicating that they were getting ready to spawn.

Paul Burton fished a day session at McGregor Lake where he caught four carp despite losing another fish. His fish were all mirrors weighing 9lbs, 18lb 8oz and 21lb 8oz. He noticed that, at least, one of the fish still had leeches on it indicating that it may have been lying torpid, a sign of possible low oxygen levels after the long dry spell. Robert Livock celebrated his birthday at the lake by catching a 14lb 8oz mirror carp within a short time of casting out. Stuart Hyams business commitments restrict his fishing time these days but a short-day session at the lake produced a 20lb mirror carp for him when he cast close to the margins. More carp were starting to show in the afternoon after the heavy rain ceased.