Carp at Swan Lake still Mad for it!!

A three-night session at Swan Lake started slowly for David Grant with no action in the first night. However, the next morning action began with him landing a 31lb 12oz common carp. He went on to catch two more carp during his stay, both mirrors weighing 23lb 12oz and 21lb 4oz. All his fish fell to MAD Baits’ boilies over beds of freebies. Mike Broom arrived for an afternoon and evening session but decided to target the margins using only a small handful of broken boilies to encourage fish into feeding. Within an hour his bait was taken by a carp that turned out to be an unusual two-tone common weighing an impressive 34lb 2oz. A few hours later the swim came alive again and he was rewarded with the capture of a 21lb 8oz mirror carp adding to a 26lb 4oz specimen he caught the previous week. Tench were observed at the lake starting pre-spawning rituals with the likelihood of spawning taking place at the weekend.

Roy Keeble decided to have a break from carp fishing and, instead, tried some waggler fishing at McGregor Lake. He caught fish regularly throughout the day, a mixture of roach and skimmer bream all in super condition. Paul Swift took his two sons with him for a session at McGregor Lake and all three ended up catching some great looking carp during the daytime.

Gingerbread Lake has continued to produce numerous big carp over the past week where Stephen Pryor enjoyed some success by catching not only a 20lb carp but also an 8lb 11oz tench. Fish here were preparing to spawn too.

Martin Barnatt has been targeting Grace Lake to try and catch a specimen crucian carp but without success although he thought he may well have lost one on route to the net. However, he has still been catching plenty of fish there namely good-sized tench. He intends to persevere in his quest for a big crucian carp. The club would like to hear from members catching any crucians as it is trying to monitor the success of their stocking.