Swan Lake catches

A member has been targeting Swan Lake’s big bream which have become quite elusive creatures in recent times. His tactics proved successful as he caught two double-figured specimens and a 15lb carp as well. Another member fishing caught a 30lb carp during an overnight stay. Outgoing membership secretary prefers to catch his fish during the daytime. He chose a swim on the windward side of the lake and cast both his lines to an area he had baited. However, a few fish started topping a short distance away and his friend Alan Wilkie suggested casting a bait towards them. He decided to heed the advice and cast a snowman rig together with a PVA bag of freebies into the area. Within half an hour the bait was taken and he went on to net a 20lb mirror carp after a long fight.

Some fishing tackle has been found at Swan Lake during the week. If you have lost it, please contact the new membership secretary Neil Sampson on 01234 215526 or e-mail him at giving him a description of the tackle you have lost.

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