Still Feeding Despite the Cold

Despite the recent drop in temperature carp continue to feed. Paul Burton, fishing McGregor Lake managed to catch a low double mirror carp, while Robert Livock caught three during the week, his best a mirror weighing 14lb 8oz. All his fish were caught close to the margins on boilies.

Chris Tribe found success on Swan Lake where late in the afternoon he caught a 19lb 14oz mirror again casting behind some marginal reeds. The margins seem to be the place at the moment to pick fish up as Justin Clark caught a 28lb mirror carp from Swan Lake using the same tactics.

An unnamed angler recently had two carp out of Gingerbread during a session, a 26lb common and a 35lb mirror

Work on the otter fencing around McGregor Lake has been completed and will provide much needed protection for the fish therein.