Happy New Year to all our Members

Reports of fish being caught have been thin on the ground just lately, although the ever changing weather has probably had something to do with it.

Simon Izzard fishing Gingerbread Lake landed a 32lb Common Carp just before the snow arrived.

Robert Livock caught an 11.12 Mirror Carp from McGregor Lake despite the water temperature being only 41F. Another member pole fishing caught several bream upto 4lb, float fishing pinkies and also reported that early in the month had caught roach/ bream hybrids upto 7lb from the lake.

Paul Burton fishing on overnight session on Swan Lake, failed to catch, but woke to find everything covered in snow, which as he says may have had something to do with him blanking!!

Swan Lake Snow

A short pike fishing session on Gingerbread resulted in a single jack pike for club secretary Alan Davies, despite trying several swims around the lake