By Alan Davies • January 22nd, 2018

A government petition calling for the control of the otter has been launched this morning

It is for the control, and hence research of the otter. It has NOTHING to do with the word ‘cull’. Read the wording. Therefore, every angler can sign this petition with a clear conscience!

Since its assisted re-introduction to the freshwater waterways of the UK, the otter has reached levels of increased population on lakes, canals and rivers where its presence has become a detriment to the riverine environment affecting most fish species and birds and mammals

Evidence shows with some certain fish species, their populations have been reduced dramatically to the point of collapse, the rivers Kennet, Great Ouse, Teme, Bristol Avon, Cherwell, Dorset Stour and Thames are good examples of the otters effect on the local environment of these rivers. Many commercial fisheries and fish farms are regularly invaded by the otter with the negative effect of costly indiscriminate fish kills, many fisheries are now ring fenced to keep this predator at bay


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