Plenty Being Caught

By Alan Davies • April 27th, 2018

Carp have been on the feed across all of the clubs waters. The 40lb 2oz ‘Moonscale’ caught from Gingerbread Lake by Kevin Bacon tops the list of big fish. Also from Gingerbread Lake, Mick Broom had a 29lb 10oz carp, while Mike Usher had Common Carp of 31lb and 17ib.

Swan Lake produced a bream of 11lb to Peter Scoat, while Paul Swift had a Mirror Carp of 30lb 4oz which he named Arfur due to it only having half a tail, obviously as a result of a close encounter with an otter, a reminder of why all the lakes are now fenced and why all members need to ensure that the Gates are kept closed.

On McGregor Lake, Paul Burton caught 7 carp on a recent weekend session, the largest two being 17lb 2oz and 20lb 1oz. Alan Davies has been dropping in for some short sessions and has caught on both his recent visits with 15lb Mirror Carp gracing his net.

The deadline for night permits renewals is this Monday 30th April, after which night permits will be offered to those on the waiting lists.

New season books should be in the shops shortly.


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