News Update: 24th December 2018

The falling water temperatures appear to have slowed down sport on BHAA’s lakes but the increased flow of water in the river stretches has brought with it an upsurge in feeding activity. Membership Secretary and Chairman Neil Sampson has been targeting the club’s stretches of the River Ouse and has reported catching several large chub. His best so far has been a 5lb 9oz specimen.

The Environment Agency’s fishing team are adopting survey techniques other than electro-fishing to assess the health of fisheries. The team is planning to carry out an underwater survey of fish stocks at Grace Lake where weed growth makes netting difficult to undertake. The club is looking forward to the results from the survey.

Some members wanting to fish the lower stretches of the River Ouse at Tempsford have been concerned to find the car parking area behind the former Anchor Hotel barred. However, this is a designated parking area and members wishing to park there can open the barrier to allow vehicle entry as long as they close the barrier behind them once inside. The same rule applies to exiting the car park.