News Update: 16th December 2018

BHAA members will be pleased to learn that Grace Lake at Sandy has recently received a huge boost to its fish stocks with over 1200 crucian carp and 100 tench being stocked by the Environment Agency. Crucian carp are an endangered species and Grace Lake has been selected as a water capable of accommodating such fish.

McGregor Lake at Sandy has been heavily stocked with carp over recent years which are safeguarded by fencing to prevent predation by otters. Plenty of carp have been caught in recent weeks including a 20lb specimen landed by Gordon West and a 19lb 2oz by Anthony Pogmore. Hot rod at the moment has been Robert Livock who caught five carp during a day session up to 17lbs and then returned to take another three carp haul to 15lbs. This lake now has a good head of 20lb plus carp as evidenced by Mick Usher who banked over thirty carp in four overnight sessions which included two different 23lb fish. The lake holds plenty of roach, rudd, bream and hybrids too along with tench and pike which are often neglected by anglers. However, one member who pole-fishes the venue reckons it has never fished better with him frequently bagging up on good-sized bream and big roach/bream hybrids to 7lbs. The club’s management board are considering making available a small number of night fishing permits for the 2019/20 season to enable members to enjoy the sometimes-hectic action that can be enjoyed at night.

One of the most sought-after tickets is a night fishing permit for Swan Lake which is gaining a reputation as it now boasts around 15 different 30lb plus carp to nearly 40lbs, and they are still growing! One unusual fish banked in recent weeks was a 34lb common carp caught by David Grant. The fish is two-tone in colour with the front half of the fish a different shade to the rear and a sharp dividing line. Carp to over 30lbs have continued to be banked right up to last week. This lake has recently received a stocking of eight VS Fisheries’ carp all weighing over 10lbs to further boost numbers. These fish have a reputation for being fast and big growing.

The club’s prime carp fishery, Gingerbread Lake, has not been neglected though and it too has received an injection of new fish, 32 VS Fisheries’ carp weighing up to 13lbs. This brings the number of VS carp stocked to nearly 100 fish with the fish previously stocked already being caught into the low 20s. One of the latest stocked fish was caught and had already put on 1/2lb in weight. There are 4 carp in the lake that are regularly caught weighing over 40lbs, the mirrors known as the Clone (or the Lookalike), Moonscale, the Brown Fish and the Big Lin. The lake has a number of big commons too some of which are starting to nudge the 40lb mark so the future prospects look very bright for 2019.