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News Update: 28th January 2019

Fraser Hayden fished overnight at McGregor Lake through strong winds and heavy showers using method feeder tactics. During the night he caught three carp weighing 6lbs, 11lb 9oz and 19lb 9oz to make his trip worthwhile.

News Update: 20th January 2019

Despite rocket bottom temperatures, Nick (the Greek) Page left fellow anglers in awe as he demonstrated that fish could still be caught when he fished during the daytime at Swan Lake, a water that is fast growing a reputation as being an exceptional big fish venue. Nick caught three cracking carp throughout his stay weighing 24lb 1oz, 33lb 4oz and 30lb 4oz.

News Update: 6th January 2019

Karl Franklin was back on the River Ivel after roach. He float-fished to catch a handful of roach in the 6-8oz range. Later, he tried for chub but could not attract any fish to feed.