News Update: 13th January 2019

The low overnight temperatures have put most members off fishing club waters in the past week but bailiff David Grant was still up for a 72-hour session. He decided McGregor Lake offered him the best chance of seeing some action as it is the most heavily stocked of the club’s still waters. Throughout his first day though his bite indicators never moved but as soon as the sun began to set fish started to feed and this pattern was to continue throughout his stay. David fished snowman rigs over an area well baited with freebies and he went on to catch 9 carp weighing up to 18lb 6oz including a 16lb common and a spectacular looking 15lb fully-scaled mirror. Additionally, he landed a handful of sizeable bream which would have given him more sport on lighter gear.

Members are asked to note that a working party will be held on the 19th of January and, possibly, succeeding weekends until work is completed but the lake will remain open. The main work will be to clear some of the overhanging vegetation that is beginning to pose a risk of fish getting snagged particularly around the islands.

Although carp fishing has slowed somewhat, pike have become very active boiling on the surface with some members mistaking their swirls for carp. In recent weeks, the Sandy lakes have produced pike up to 22lbs but there have been larger specimens caught from both McGregor and Swan Lakes in previous years.