News Update: 6th January 2019

With temperatures on the slide, there were few anglers seeing any action. However, Alan Gentle opted for a day’s fishing at McGregor Lake casting his baits to some nearby overhanging vegetation. His tactics worked for he was soon weighing a nice 15lb mirror carp he had landed despite having missed a violent bite earlier. Later, in the afternoon, ha had a third run which resulted in him catching a 12lb mirror carp. Anthony Pogmore decided to fish well out from the bank to see if any fish were still moving there and, within half an hour of casting out, he had a jerky bite which turned out to be from a 3lb bream. Unfortunately, that was the end of his sport for the day.

The waters in both Swan and Gingerbread Lakes have gone clear indicting that the fish had torpid and making daytime chances of catching more difficult than ever. One member was fortunate to catch a couple of low 20lb carp by fishing overnight at Gingerbread Lake.

Karl Franklin was back on the River Ivel after roach. He float-fished to catch a handful of roach in the 6-8oz range. Later, he tried for chub but could not attract any fish to feed.