News Update: 19th February 2019

The recent mild weather saw anglers flocking to the bank sides in the hope that fish would begin feeding in earnest. Winston Pogmore made his first trip to his favourite stretch of the River Ivel at Tempsford in search of a chub or two. Fishing with link-ledgered bread flake, he soon hooked into a powerful fish that turned out to be a specimen 5lb 2oz chub. Later in his stay, he landed another chub of around 3lb 8oz and was unlucky to lose a good-sized roach.

The windier weather towards the end of the week resulted in a number of big fish catches from Gingerbread Lake where mirror carp weighing 39lbs, 38lbs and 37lb 8oz were caught together with other smaller fish. It is hoped more details of the captors and photos of the fish may become available soon.

Some pike anglers have been found to be fishing without unhooking mats and, in one case, without landing nets risking harm to any fish caught as well as breaching club rules. Both these items must always be used on club waters  and any future incidents will result in the culprits being expelled.