News Update: 24th March 2019

By Anthony Pogmore • March 24th, 2019

Swan Lake has now become a serious rival to BHAA’s Gingerbread Lake for big fish catches and the past week only goes to re-enforce this view. Stephen Chessum fished tight to an overhanging bush over a small bed of chopped up boilies. His tactic worked when a big carp picked up his bait, a super 33lb 4oz mirror. He later advised another angler, Ben, where he might be successful and this proved to be great advice when ben too caught another 30lb plus mirror, a 31lb specimen. Not to be outdone, Bailiff David Grant was another angler to land a big carp, a 32lb 6oz common carp originally stocked by AJS Fisheries weighing only around 4lbs. However, the best was yet to come when Peter Sears decided to fish alongside the small island. His baits remain untouched for several hours until he was alerted by a screaming run. After a hard fight, Peter had a 34lb 12oz mirror carp nestling in his carp cradle. No fish under 30lbs were reported!

Catches were few and far between on other lakes, but Dave Albon was pleased to bank a 17lb 4oz mirror whilst fishing a day session at McGregor Lake. Mick Usher had a couple of nights on this lake catching around 7 carp which included some great looking mirrors around 15lbs each.

Bob Kitchener, a newly designated bailiff for BHAA’s river stretches, fished on the Ivel at Tempsford where he hooked and lost a fish that fought erratically. He continued to fish the same swim and later struck into another bite and the mystery fish was finally revealed, a nice sized brown trout.

At the AGM, members learned of the work that had been done over the past year to improve the fisheries with track extensions, refurbished swims and stockings of additional carp, tench and crucian carp during the year. The club’s Board has ambitious plans to give more protection to fish stocks in Grace Lake with the installation of otter fencing as soon as finances recover from the expenditure incurred in recent years. Despite this outlay the club’s finances remain healthy. Arrangements were announced for night fishing at McGregor Lake where a small number of permits will be allocated for the coming season. Existing night permit holders for the Sandy complex will still be allowed to fish both Swan and McGregor Lakes next season. The aim is to try to reduce pressure on Swan Lake by running down the number of night permits over the coming years by natural wastage whereas McGregor was still only lightly fished at night. From 16th June, non-night permit holders will be entitled to fish between 0500 until 2100 hours until the end of October and 0700 -1700 until the end of March 2019 after which the summer timetable will apply. These changes provoked a lively debate from the floor but the Board gave assurances that they would be reviewed afresh at the end of next season.

The Board is always pleased to receive catch reports and any photos of fish caught for the website. Photos of tench, bream, chub, perch  and other species are in short supply and would be welcomed over the coming months. These can be sent directly to for input.


By Richard Ruff on April 18th, 2019 at 8:03 pm

Very disappointed to see that for some reason you have changed the start and finish times . I cannot for the life of me see any reason for this other than to benefit the small number of night permit holders. Does this apply to all our waters or just Mcgregors?Maybe you could enlighten me. My experience as a long-standing member, is that 9.00pm-9.30 is the very time that a bite can be expected during the warmer months ,especially on Grace,when action had been slow all day. Now we will have to pack up at 8.30pm,a full hour and a half before dark, in order to be out by 9pm. I’ll be spending my summer evenings fishing other clubs waters that allow me to pack up when I like. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I’d also like to add that the number of people fishing McGregors has been fewer and fewer each season and this change to the rules isn’t going to help that. I fished many a session last year and found that there were only myself one or two people fishing. Maybe that’s the idea?


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