News Update: 31st March 2019

The Spring like weather for much of the week brought many anglers out on to BHAA’s lakes but most of them returned home with dry nets as feeding fish were few and far between.

At Gingerbread Lake, Steve Curtin fished for much of the day without a bite but a later run produced an early season tench for him. A couple of days later he spotted a group of tench rolling on the surface but was unable to fish for them as a fellow angler had pipped him to the swim but without success. The week ended on a high with Mark Horspool catching a magnificent 38lb 8oz common carp that picked up his bait after dark.

Getting bites on Swan Lake was harder than finding hens’ teeth but big carp start began to feed again at the weekend when two more 30 pounders were landed. Details of their captors were not to hand.

Mick Day returned to McGregor Lake for a short day session where he was able to enjoy the warm sunshine until a screaming run got him leaping for his rod. The culprit was a hard-fighting 17lb 6oz mirror carp. Mick Usher fished throughout the day without a bite and, as the sun began to set, found himself the only angler left fishing on the lake. As soon as darkness fell, he started to get action and, within a few hours, was able to bank four carp up to around 16lbs. However, runs abruptly stopped and for the rest of the night his indicators never moved. Karl franklin fished throughout the day without any action but fished on into the early evening and was rewarded with the capture of a 20lb 12oz mirror carp to make his trip worthwhile. Steve Curtin had a surprise when his boily bait was picked up by a nice pike around double figures that he was able to unhook in the water’s edge. Pike feeding on boilies is becoming a more common event with fish being attracted to popups and wafter boilies.

On the wildlife front, mallard ducklings have already hatched at Gingerbread Lake whilst nesting birds can be found around all the lakes which should not be disturbed. Green plovers have returned to the meadows at Sandy Lakes after an absence of many years with, at least, four pairs counted. Numbers of red admiral butterflies have been spotted flying cross the lakes too.