New Update: 12th April 2019

Whilst catches have markedly diminished with the combination of cold nights and high atmospheric pressure, Gingerbread Lake has continued to produce some exceptional fish. The much sought after carp known as ‘The Brown Fish’ has been caught by a member weighing an impressive 41lbs and another of the lake’s named fish, the mirror carp called ‘Moon Scale’ was banked by Julian Barnes weighing 36lb 11oz. A 12lb bream was caught by a carp angler who could not be bothered to take a photograph of it! Also, an early season tench weighing 9lbs was reported too. Anthony Pogmore was gutted when he lost a heavy fish due to a hook pull but returned to the same swim a couple of days later to land a smaller fish, a linear mirror carp weighing 16lb 14oz. His fish picked up a snowman bait presentation during the morning of a short-day visit.

There were few reports of any significant fish being caught at McGregor Lake although lake regular, Robert Livock, managed to tempt a small 11lb mirror carp into feeding. Bream in the 2-4lb range were also caught during the day by anglers fishing for them.

Reports of catches from Swan Lake had all but dried up but Lee Allum changed all that with the capture of a 39lb Mirror Carp which may well be the lake record and confirms that the wait for a forty pounder will not be long.