News Update: 7th April 2019

Karl Franklin fished at McGregor Lake but had to fish long and hard to achieve results. He managed to catch two more carp weighing 10lbs and 14lbs, the latter being a hard-fighting common. Also, he was unlucky to lose another good fish during his stay. Richard Bartlett fished a short session at the shallow end of the lake and within a short time he hooked and netted a nice double-figured common carp. However, before he could examine the fish more closely, he had a run on his second rod which turned out to be from a double-figured mirror carp in full winter colours so he ended up with both fish in his landing net together. He was unlucky to lose another fish too which managed to make it to some nearby rushes.

Fraser Hayden began his campaign for bream fishing at Swan Lake and was pleased when his first visit brought him a 5lb 11oz fish. He returned a few days later to catch a much larger specimen, a 9lb 1oz bream along with a ‘nuisance’ low-double carp.

Anthony Pogmore visited Gingerbread Lake after a harsh early morning frost but still felt confident as the lake was steaming in the cold air. He baited with a snowman rig of boilies fished over a small scattering of freebies but, after as couple of hours, a coot tried unsuccessfully to dive and pick up his bait. He decided not to recast and a few minutes later his bite alarm sounded a run. He hooked into a hard-fighting mirror carp which was landed and weighed with assistance from bailiff Simon Izzard who was fishing in a nearby swim. The fish weighed 34lb 8oz. Later in the day, Nick Page asked him if he could photograph a carp he had caught, a heavily scaled mirror carp weighing 26lb 6oz. Nick said that he had caught a 19lb specimen from the same area of the lake on the previous day. Carp were becoming more active during the day giving day visitors every chance of catching a specimen.