News Update: 12th May 2019

Lee Allum just failed to break the 40lb barrier by 5oz when he fished at Swan Lake. He caught a mirror carp he had caught previously only a couple of weeks ago then weighing 39lb 3oz but now weighed 39lb 11oz. Lee Pybus was another angler to break the 30lb barrier when he caught a 32lb 7oz mirror and two other carp weighing 21lb 8oz and 21lb 15oz.

Weed is now beginning to grow rapidly at Gingerbread Lake making bait presentation difficult in several swims. However, one member caught two nice commons weighing 18lbs and 19lbs. A number of single-figured carp have been spotted in the lake indicating that fish are breeding and naturally maintaining their numbers.

Robert Livock caught a 12lb 4oz common carp fishing at McGregor Lake. He caught his fish around midday showing that not all the lake’s carp are feeding in the evenings and night.

Following the discovery of a poorly made up terminal rig, members are asked to check that their set-ups will ensure weights will be freed in the event of a line breakage. The welfare of fish stocks is paramount and bailiffs will be asking members to show them their rigs to check they are safe to use.