News Update: 23rd June 2019

The recent monsoon weather did not deter Norman Brinn from putting a session in at Gingerbread Lake. His chosen swim was heavily weeded so he set about raking the area for nearly an hour before he considered it was clear enough to fish. His hard work was rewarded by a fantastic haul of eight carp and three large bream to 9lbs. Norman’s carp haul comprised of three 30 pounders, another three over 20lbs and a couple of low doubles. The individual fish weights were a 36lb 10oz mirror (the Brown fish), 30lb 10oz mirror (the Big Orange), a 30lb common carp, four more commons weighing 26lb 7oz, 25lb 5oz, 24lb 9oz and 13lbs and finally an 11lb mirror.

A member fishing at Swan Lake caught a big mirror carp using pellets as bait and was unlucky to lose another fish during a short daytime visit. Tench are now turning up in increasing numbers at this lake where Anthony Pogmore caught his second tench in a couple of visits weighing 4lb 12oz. Also, he was unfortunate to lose a carp when it dived into some overhanging branches. All the tench are in pristine condition showing no signs of being caught previously.