News Update: 2nd June 2019

Alan Gentle enjoyed a couple of days at McGregor Lake when he landed a cracking 23lb 1oz mirror carp only to return later in the week to top it by catching an even bigger fish, a 24lb 3oz mirror. Karl Franklin caught an 18lb 12oz mirror together with a number of bream in the 3-4lb range. Robert Livock caught a 3lb bream followed by a 7lb common carp and then a 12lb 8oz mirror carp in a short day session. Alan Wilkie caught a low double-figured carp that managed to tangle itself around his other rod only to lose a second fish which did the same! Paul Burton fished overnight landing three nice mirrors weighing 12lb 8oz, 15lb 5oz and 16lb 7oz.

Carp remained very active on Swan Lake with fish seen crashing on the surface across the whole of the lake in the early morning. A member caught a 33lb mirror fishing into a warm breeze whilst Steve Curtin and Anthony Pogmore both recorded 19lb 8oz mirrors during day sessions. Paul Burton caught a 13lb 12oz mirror and a 13lb 10oz leather carp from the lake too.

Fishing at Gingerbread Lake was temporarily suspended whist carp were engaged in a major spawning session.