News Update: 30th June 2019

Dave Albon started off the new season with a bang when he turned up at McGregor Lake after heavy overnight rain. He spotted some carp topping in the early morning so he fired out a bed of boilies into the general area. He cast his baits out amongst them together with PVA bags of freebies then sat back to wait for any action. Later in the day, he had his first run which turned out to be from a 22lb 2oz mirror carp and then added another carp of 17lb 5oz to his tally.

Anthony Pogmore fished a day session at Swan Lake without a run but was convinced his swim held fish so he decided to return the following day. In the early morning, the odd carp was topping out in the lake so he decided to scatter a small number of boilies over a wide area to avoid alarming any fish. He underarm casted double boilie hook baits together with PVA bags of chopped up freebies into his swim. After about four hours, one of his baits was picked up and he struck into a good fish. Fortunately, bailiff Dave Grant came around to offer his help to net the fish which turned out to a pristine 33lb 8oz mirror carp, a new pb from the lake for Anthony. Mick Broom had to wait until well into the evening for a take but his patience was rewarded with the capture of a 13lb 5oz mirror carp.