News Update: June 9th 2019

The spawning session at Gingerbread Lake is over and where Mark Saunders caught one of the post spawned carp, a mirror carp known as ‘The Clone’ or ‘Lookalike’ weighing 33lb 11oz.

Paul Burton fished at Swan Lake catching a superbly conditioned fully scaled mirror weighing 31lb 10oz. Andrew Smart margin fished at Swan Lake using a homemade fish meal boily and, in the early afternoon, his bait was taken by a 29lb 12oc common carp. Tench are another species whose numbers are increasing in the lake and this week both Alan Wilkie and Anthony Pogmore caught tench weighing 5lb 4oz each.

Karl Franklin opted to try for carp at McGregor Lake using floaters as bait and ended up with a bumper haul of carp. He caught carp weighing 16lb 12oz, 12lb 4oz, 10lb 6oz, 11lb 9oz, 10lb 6oz and 19lb 8oz to give him a six fish total. Robert Livock managed to catch an 11lb 8oz common during a short day session.