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New Fishery! Park Farm, Tyringham

We are pleased to announce our new fishery on the Upper Ouse. Park Farm – Tyringham. The water has a reputation for large perch, chub and barbel.

Firstly – some guidelines; not rules, but guidelines that will help us all retain what could be a terrific river section.


This is a working arable and livestock farm, the owner is a sporting man who appreciates his surroundings, and is pleased for others to share the river as long as they understand how to behave.

Be under no illusion, this venue requires a walk – don’t be tempted to just park where it looks quiet. – That’s not acceptable.

Driving in, and Driving out of the Estate. Whilst it’s a hard surface, let’s see if we can go slower than most travel around Sandy and Eaton Socon please !!

We can lose this access as quickly as we responded to the opportunity to gain it; please don’t let your club down……….

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  1. On Saturday I arrived at 12.30 noon to fish McGregor s stayed over night. Got nothing during the day but from 10 30pm my alarms never stopped. Caught 4 carp all mirror, biggest being 16.9 smallest being 8.6. Had runs all through the night… think they gust wanted to keep me awake.