News Update: 21st July 2019

A member day fishing at Swan Lake spotted a carp surfacing in the lake within casting distance of his swim so decided to cast his bait in the vicinity of the rise. His bait was taken within a short time and he connected with a big fish which turned out to be a 30lb 10oz carp. Another member was successful in catching two carp during an overnight session weighing 19lbs and 15lbs.

Bright weather made bites hard to come by on McGregor Lake but lake regular Robert Livock managed to wheedle out a 15lb 8oz common carp during a short daytime session. Later in the week, Dave Albon returned for an afternoon session firing out around 50 freebies around each of his boilie hook baits. It was not long before he had his first run from a 19lb mirror carp and then landed a second carp, a smaller fish weighing 11lb 8oz. The best was yet to come though when he connected with a third more powerful fish. It turned out to be a 24lb 10oz mirror carp which was his largest fish from the water to date. More overcast conditions later in the week saw several members catching carp from different parts of the lake. Paul Burton decided to do an overnight session before going to work the following morning and went on to catch two nice mirror carp weighing 14lb 15oz and 17lbs.

Reports from Gingerbread Lake were that carp continued to be caught with floater tactics being particularly successful among the dense weed growth. The club’s management board is looking into the best option to reduce the amount of weed growth in the lake without upsetting the water quality.

A few members have ventured up to Grace Lake in search of the elusive crucian carp and where there have been plenty of signs of fish with feeder bubbles betraying their presence. Bailiff Mick Broom still struggled to catch though but succeeded in catching a solitary 6lb bream. Winston Pogmore also met with meagre success by only tempting a small tench to feed.