News Update: 10th August 2019

Stephen Chessum followed up his recent capture of a double-figured bream with a second larger specimen. This time it was a 10lb 8oz specimen that fell to a wafter boily during an overnight session. Despite this latest success, he was becoming increasingly frustrated by not being able to continue catching the lake’s big carp, his real goal. However, a run on two wafter boilies together with a PVA bag of crushed freebies was to change his luck. It resulted in him catching his largest carp from the lake, a linear mirror weighing 35lb 11oz. Other anglers enjoying success on the lake this week included Andrew Smart and Steve Curtin who both landed carp weighing near the 30lb mark.

Alan Wilkie visited McGregor Lake for a very short evening session and hooked into a carp within minutes of his arrival. The fish turned out to be a 22lb 2oz mirror carp with a cluster of several large scales along its lateral line making it easy to recognise if caught again. Dave Albon had another day’s fishing resulting in multiple catches when he landed mirror carp weighing 17lb 6oz, 17lb 9oz and 13lb 8oz. Malcolm Stone who was well known to customers who used to go to Walker’s Pitch tackle shop visited the lake for the first time catching three carp to over 17lbs and then added a chunky common carp to his tally on his next visit. Anthony Pogmore, like most other anglers on the lake, struggled to get any action when a high-pressure band moved over the country but well into the afternoon he had a single run which resulted in a hard-fighting 18lb 9oz mirror carp. His fish fell to two fish flavoured boilies fished in conjunction with a PVA bag of crushed boilies.

Members are asked to note that Swan Lake will be closed from 5pm on the 30th of August for 24 hours to allow a working party to clear the lake of known snags which have accounted for several fish losses in recent weeks. Please note that there will be no night fishing allowed during this closure.

Regrettably, human waste has been found at Gingerbread Lake and our bailiffs are trying to catch the culprit(s). All members are reminded that they should bring a sealable waste bucket with them in case of need and to take the contents away with them.