News Update: 5th August 2019

Very few anglers ventured out in the recent spell of hot weather followed by heavy rain but there were rewards for those who did. A member fishing at McGregor Lake caught four carp before rising temperatures finally made him call it a day. Dave Albon caught a 15lb 8oz mirror carp in the hot spell too. Karl Franklin decided to try surface baits which proved a good choice as he went on to catch three carp, all mirrors weighing 17lb 14oz, 12lb 10oz and 15lb 10oz.

David Young fished at McGregor Lake where he had a run within an hour of casting out. The fish turned out to be a beautifully proportioned mirror carp weighing 20lb 2oz. Dave Brave visited the lake for a short evening session and was successful in catching two nice common carp around 8lbs each. Dave Clark was another angler to click within a short tome of his arrival by catching an 11lb 8oz mirror carp.

Stephen Chessum fished at Swan Lake for carp but got a nice surprise when his 15mm ‘Wicked White’ boilie was picked up by a 10lb 3oz bream. The lake holds a number of double-figured bream but they are seldom caught nowadays. His fishing companion Ben did catch a carp though, a cracking 33lb 4oz mirror carp. Paul Allum amassed another multiple haul catching five carp, the best weighing over 30lbs.

Roger Kendall fished at Gingerbread Lake for tench using maize topped with a maggot as bait and went on to catch specimens weighing 5lb 14oz and 7lbs. He returned later in the week using the same rig together with a PVA bag of loose feed and a scattering of freebies but this time it was rudd that were feeding. He caught 5 pristine fish in the 8-12oz bracket.