News Update: 15th September 2019

It seems the onset of autumnal weather has got fish into a feeding mood as at Gingerbread Lake there have been multiple catches of carp with almost all the known specimens being caught and some more than once.

The relative richness of food in Swan Lake tends to make it a harder proposition with many anglers unable to wet their nets. However, one retired member was over the moon to land a cracking 7lb 2oz tench with help from a fellow member. Steve Curtin’s approach of using a retro bait continued to produce results for him and he too landed a nice tench of over 6lbs together with a 14lb 4oz mirror carp. Anthony Pogmore fished a swim during the week and had the frustration of seeing a big carp roll in front of him late in the afternoon minutes after recasting away from the area. He was fortunate to find the same swim free the following day and baited his lines with two different shaped boilies together with a PVA bag of mixed pellets and crushed ‘Crafty Catcher’ boilies. About three hours later one of his baits was picked up and he struck into a powerful fish that took off on a 50-metre run and then doggedly fought on for another ten minutes before being finally netted. The fish turned out to a be a 33lb 12oz mirror carp known as the ‘Pound Coin’ fish due to a lone scale on one of its flanks. He thought it should be renamed ‘Achilles’ to recognise its fighting qualities! A fellow member who witnessed the fish returned to his own swim and went on to catch a 25lb specimen later in the day.

Catches have greatly increased from McGregor Lake too during the week especially for day anglers. Alan Wilkie caught a 16lb 10oz mirror carp at about midday and Dave Albon was well pleased with landing an 18lb 14oz common carp. Robert Livock caught a 12lb mirror and a smaller single figured carp during a day visit. Stephen Chessum fished overnight catching four carp to 17lb 2oz.

Plans are in hand to introduce horses into the field between Swan and McGregor Lakes so it will become even more important to close all gates after use. An unknown member has cut out a swim on Swan Lake contrary to club rules. Members are reminded that fishing should only take place from the existing swims maintained by the club. The rogue swim has been filled in to prevent further use.