News Update: 29th September 2019

Colin Hewitt, who was previously reported as catching a 7lb plus tench from Swan Lake, returned to the same swim and repeated the feat by catching another tench weighing 7lb 4oz. His successful tactic was float-fished corn and maggot.

Steve Curtin has found a way of consistently catching carp from Swan Lake during the daytime and finally achieved his goal of banking one of the lake’s 30s, a scale perfect 30lb 5oz common carp. He returned a few days later to catch a 26lb 12oz mirror from the same swim fishing only a small distance from the bankside. Mick Day has had little chance to fish of late recovering from a major operation when he was warned not to do any heavy lifting. However, he broke this advice when he caught his first 20 from the lake, a 27lb 14oz mirror carp. Needless to say, he will be returning to the lake in the next few days. Alan Lawrence has enjoyed some great success recently catching 8 or 9 of the lake’s carp including two weighing over 30lbs.

McGregor Lake has been quite heavily fished in recent weeks with anglers meeting with mixed success as the pressure takes its toll. However, one member who regularly fishes the lake in short sessions was pleased to break his p.b. from the lake when he landed a 23lb 4oz mirror carp.