News Update: 8th September 2019

Swan Lake continues to be a hard nut to crack for many anglers but big carp continue to get caught. A member caught a 22lb specimen during the week and he reported catching three 30s on a recent  night fishing session too. Steve Curtin landed a 24lb 4oz common carp during a daytime visit to the lake. Roach were feeding well and were being caught by float-fishing close to the margins.

Alan Wilkie fished a short afternoon session at McGregor Lake catching six carp between 13lb 11oz and 18lb 3oz, his first fish coming within a short time of casting his baits out. Fraser Hayden was another angler to fish a short session using a small feeder and recasting periodically. He went on to catch two nice mirror carp weighing 14lb 4oz and 16lb 12oz. Dave Albon found most of the swims he had in mind to fish occupied by the time he arrived at the lake so opted for a swim on the opposite side to where the other anglers were mainly located. He noticed immediately feeder bubbles erupting on the surface within 30 metres of the bank so cast towards them. He was soon into a fish which turned out to be an 11lb mirror carp but followed that up with a cracking looking 18lb 10oz common carp. He then had to wait sometime before any more action but finished the day with a 16lb mirror carp.

The working party at Swan Lake was able to achieve its goal of removing underwater snags from several swims and opening out others where reed beds were encroaching. The next working party is to be held at Gingerbread Lake on the 5th and 6th of October when an attempt will be made to remove some of the dense weed beds that have grown up in the lake over recent years, the objective being to deprive next year’s growth of nutrients.

The Association has been enforcing strict adherence to club rules this season. One new member has received a year’s ban for a year for deliberately leaving the entrance gate at the Eaton Socon fishery unlocked after leaving. Two members were reported to the Police for aggressive behaviour towards a bailiff and who had broken club rules on driving speed limits, failing to produce their membership books and bringing alcohol on to the fishery. These individuals face a lifetime ban. All members are asked to read and adhere to club rules which are intended to safeguard our fisheries and are, by no means, draconian.