News Update: 20th October 2019

The cooler wetter weather over the past week affected sport with few catches reported. However, Paul Tidmarsh was really pleased to catch two perfectly conditioned carp from Gingerbread Lake, both mirrors weighing 11lb 8oz and 33lb 9oz. Bailiff Mick Broom reported that water levels at the lake were very low so it was difficult to present baits without the attention of wildfowl. He had to wait until  dark before he could cast out with confidence. His patience was rewarded though as he went on to catch a 22lb carp.

Members will be pleased to hear that Stephen Chessum has joined our bailiffing team at the Sandy fishery and will be carrying out late-night patrols following the recent attempted poaching incident in addition to normal daytime oversight.

The welfare of our fish is our prime concern and, following the discovery of several potentially harmful rig setups, please make sure that weights will detach in the event of any line breakages to ensure that no fish becomes tethered.