News Update: 6th October 2019

Alan Lawrence completed five-day sessions on Swan Lake finally amassing a total of 12 carp, both commons and mirrors, with two topping 30lbs. Andrew Smart is another angler who has found catching the lake’s carp during the daytime no problem catching 9 carp over 26lbs since July with the best weighing 32lb 6oz. Steve Curtin added another big carp to his tally when he banked a 29lb plus mirror carp on a recent visit during the daytime.

Paul Burton fished at McGregor Lake catching 5 carp during his visit, 4 mirrors weighing 7lb 10oz, 11lbs, 14lbs and 16lb 8oz and a 12lb 5oz common. Robert Livock caught a 15lb 8oz mirror plus a bream during a short day visit. A member caught skimmer bream at one a chuck throughout the day whilst another member landed a solitary 6lb specimen.

Fisheries Officer George Horne caught the mirror carp known as ‘The Mitsubishi Fish’ at Gingerbread Lake weighing an impressive 37lb 8oz.

Day members are asked to note that winter fishing times are now operating from 7am until 5pm until the end of March. Members are reminded to familiarise themselves with club rules to avoid breaking them through ignorance.

A large dog mink is frequently seen crossing Swan Lake and has been mistaken for an otter on several occasions. The creature is capable of crossing the fencing whereas a heavier otter would not be capable of so doing.

There has been a reported outbreak of the deadly KHV virus at Stanborough Lake, Welwyn. Ant members who have fished there recently or at waters nearby are asked to ensure that their nets and tackle are thoroughly dried out before visiting our club waters to prevent the risk of spreading this disease.

Barry Richardson has resigned from the club’s management board due to increasing personal and work commitments. The Board is appreciative of the positive contribution he has given to its work over recent years and he will be sadly missed.

A working party at Gingerbread Lake has put in a great effort creating an all-weather carp parking area on the south side of the lake so that members can park close to swims throughout the year. Also, weed clearing operations were carried out to remove some of the dense weed beds and this work revealed some of the hidden secrets in the lake, namely, the presence of juvenile tench and even stone loaches hiding amongst the weed. A big ‘Thank you’ to all who attended for the effort they put in.