News Update: 17th November 2019

A recent report of fish being caught and removed from a stretch of the River Ivel by suspected eastern Europeans has occasioned the Association’s fisheries officer in conjunction with the Environment Agency’s enforcement officers to issue some guidelines on what constitutes illegal fishing and how to report it.

Illegal activities include;

  • The use of set/hand lines, gaffs, spears and other illegal equipment;
  • Poisoning or explosives;
  • Setting illegal nets across estuaries, rivers or lakes;
  • Unconsented electro-fishing;
  • Fishing in the closed season on rivers;
  • Removing rod caught fish in convention to fisheries bylaws; and
  • The sale of untagged salmon or sea trout.

Persons fishing waters controlled by the angling club who are not members of the club or who are not in possession of an EA rod licence may also be deemed to be fishing illegally.

Please report any illegal fishing incidents to the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.

The EA need reports to go to them directly if the reports are bylaw or SAFFA related. Reports related to fish theft need to be reported to both the EA and the Police.

If the EA do not receive the call they cannot respond, they will not be aware of the issue, the locations will not be part of their radar. Without reports the EA are not able to plan intelligence led work, and they will lose out on vital information.

Official reports to the EA allow them to plan resources, and collate ACTUAL incidents, which removes any doubt. It’s the way they measure illegal activity.

They will not reply to any social media reports of incidents unless they include a NIRS reference number which will be obtained once reported through the EA emergency hotline.

If you don’t report it don’t expect anything to be done about it.

The EA work with the Voluntary Bailiff Service and other groups to help formally report incidents and collate intelligence.

The recent drop in temperature has slowed down sport and kept many members away from the Bankside. However, there is always the chance of catching the odd fish which may still be feeding and this is exactly what Mick Broom did when he caught a 23lb carp fishing art Swan Lake. Mick Day visited the lake too and decided to put a ledgered sardine out for pike. He was rewarded with the capture of an 8lb 8oz pike.