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News Update: 15th December 2019

Fraser Hayden visited another BHAA controlled stretch of the Upper Ouse above Bedford in search of big perch that were known to be present. He used a block end feeder filled with maggots and chopped worm with lobworms on a size 8 hook. Only one bite registered on his rod top during a brief four-hour session, but this resulted in him catching a pristine 5lb 6oz chub.

Bailiffs have caught two new members who were persistently coming on to the lakes before the approved time for entry and, as a result, the Board has decided to suspend their membership until the end of March. Members are reminded that the published entry and exit times must be strictly adhered to if they wish to avoid a similar fate or worse.

Please note that BHAA has exhausted its supply of club membership books for the season ended 15th June 2020 so persons wishing to join the Association will have to wait until the new season’s books become available circa April or Early May.

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  1. Hello,I was on gingerbread today,In the summer there was 2 swans and 5 cynets,now there is just one swan left,opposite the point i could see a dead swan(which I was told had hit the overhead cables)and a dead cynet,in 2 bar bay there is another dead cynet,I am sure if I walked round the lake I would find the others,It is very distressing for me and anyone else who cares about the wildlife,I spoke to a new member over there the over week ,it seems to me he casts out and gets in his bivie and shuts the door,i could see this cynet hanging round his rods and had to go and have a look,there was this cynet right UNDER his rods,I was standing in front of his bivie and he didn’t even know I was there……..And now there are no cynets………..I have been fishing for 50 odd years ,I have never seen so many dead swans.Thankyou.Mick